Working hours & leave management: easily manage your office and staff times!

Log time & attendance and create work records fast and easy on the go! With our app for the smartphone, your members can record their working day directly via Android or iPhone. Your company receives comprehensive reporting of working hours via a central, securely encrypted database in the cloud. This way, business owners, project managers and human resources managers can easily collect work records of service orders, attendance, overtimes and leave time. The Staff Times mobile time tracking software is fast, clear and accessible from anywhere, providing an innovative solution. Today's flexible working hours and employment models have made fussy excel sheets, paper reports or central terminals a thing of the past. It's time to upgrade!

You'll love this

Enable your staff to log working hours & overtimes from their phones

Get all timesheet data automatically synced to the Cloud

Get access to realtime data and overtime reports

Manage timesheet formats and activities

User roles and rights clearly defined

Complies with minimal time & attendance records in countries with official requirements

Our Solution

We offer the following features to manage your staff times from the convenience of your
computer browser and the use of time tracking apps for your staff.

Time & Attendance

Your staff record their working day in real time or supported by templates and report their absences (vacation, out sick). Missing time entries are reported and overtimes are automatically calculated.

Customer & Projects

Set up activities & services and create groups so that time logged by your staff can be used for customer billing and reporting at your required level.

Add hourly wage staff

Involve hourly wage staff like contractors and freelancers and set up specific activities to multiply logged hours with an hourly rate.

Overtime rates

Define daily conditions to multiply your hours exceeding the time of day or total working hours.

Staff profiles

Set up terms of employment with tracking mode for full-time, part-time and hourly wagers. Define the working week plan hours and assign vacation allowance (annual leave).

Reports & Data Export

Get an overview of all your staff times at a detail level and with weekly and monthly summaries for downstream processing (billing & payroll).

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Enter financial year end (dd-mm)

The financial year end refers to the end of the current financial year of your organization. This is the point in time when the balances (for example, annual leave and overtime balance) are transferred to the new year.

Work hours / week in decimal format (e.g. 40.75)

Weekly standard working hours for new joiners. You may adjust this later from within the web center. You may also make adjustments for part-time staff or hourly wagers as part of the staff terms of employment settings.

Standard vacation days for new joiners. Days per year

Standard annual vacation allotment for new joiners. You may adjust this later from within the web center. You may make individual adjustments for staff which qualifies for special entitlements (e.g. Senior staff) within the terms of employment section.